McCall’s 7889-Learning to make a button placket

I’ve been sewing since 2015 but I’ve never made a button placket. I’m working on that right now and I’m quite nervous about it. My first sewing project ever actually involved a zipper, darts and pleats. That’s a lot to do for a beginner and I did a pretty good job. But something about the button placket really scares me.

When I saw McCall’s 7889, I knew that this shirtdress would be motivating enough for me to face the button placket. I am working on View D which has a tie collar.

This project has caused me to start procrastinating. To battle that, I now do about 30 minutes to an hour a day of planned sewing. I plan what I will work on for the day. On Monday, I worked on the hem and one button placket (one side). On Sunday, I worked on putting the bias binding on the arms. Yesterday, I worked on the other button placket and started the tie for the collar. Today, I plan to finish the dress by completing the tie and doing the buttons. I think I will practice making button holes first.

The button placket was actually not so hard to make. It was actually fun to see it come together. I had to interface the strips, stitch them onto the dress, stitch the upper and lower part of the strip and turn it out. It looks really neat and clean. Now for the buttons and button holes.

Speaking of procrastination, another thing that has caused procrastination in my sewing is that I can’t wear anything that I am making right now. I’m mostly making dresses and I don’t feel like wearing dresses at home. So I think this will be the last dress that I will make for now. I will start working on lounge wear. I have a few patterns I can use and there are lots of free patterns I can download. I don’t usually work with PDF patterns because I prefer the paper patterns but there’s always room for change. I don’t have any fabric to make my loungewear, so I guess I’ll have to do some fabric shopping 🙂 (that perked me right up).

Happy Sewing!


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