My Gratitude Journal

Succulents and the arctic breeze

My succulents thrive at work where the air is cold as the arctic breeze. I am always freezing. I can’t type because my fingers feel like icicles. I actually have a shawl that I place over my shoulders or over my legs. I think one person actually wears a parka. When I dress for work, even if it’s 100 degrees outside, I wear a sweater because I know I will be freezing all day in my refrigerated workspace. I go outside to warm up. But I shouldn’t be complaining because air conditioning is a blessing and something I really do appreciate… in moderation.
Done complaining, now use it as a solution.
I noticed that my succulents weren’t really thriving at home. I kept some outside, but with the intense heat, they were not doing so well (and these are succulents!) I kept some inside, but because it is sometimes hot inside because we don’t leave the air conditioning on in the house 24/7, they weren’t doing as well either. I have a couple that are doing okay, but they are close to the ground and were probably survivors to begin with. I’m a plant killer, what can I say. I’m not proud of it.
I re-potted 3 succulents and put new soil in their pots. I chose them because they looked like they were starting to make their way to plant heaven. As soon as I brought them to work, they started to thrive. I really believe it has a lot to do with their new arctic environment because I have re-potted and put in new soil with many of the other succulents but they aren’t thriving like these plants are at work.

They were so close to becoming this:
It used to look like this and it was one of my favorites.
I brought it home to enjoy. I’m not doing that again, at least for a long time. So rule of thumb for this remorseful plant killer. Keep your plants at work. This is my confession. I don’t want to be a plant killer anymore.