White chocolate Peanut Butter cups with honey on top

I needed a little treat so I decided to make peanut butter cups with a little twist. I used white chocolate instead of milk chocolate and I put honey on top. I think the end result was pretty tasty. These might be one of my new favorite things.

I also made dark chocolate peanut butter cups with honey on top. The results were good but I must say that I enjoyed the combination of the white chocolate and honey the best. To make these little treats, you only need three ingredients.

1. Melting chocolates in a flavor of your choosing- milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.
2. Peanut Butter- I used crunchy for more texture.
3. Honey


Melt 1 measuring cup of the melting chocolates in the microwave on high for one minute. While that is melting, spoon one tablespoon (or more) of peanut butter in a cupcake liner. Stir the melted chocolate until smooth and then pour it into the cupcake liner with the peanut butter until covered. Drizzle honey on top of the chocolate. Place in the refrigerator until hardened (about 30 minutes). Enjoy!

Another one of my favorite things is sharing my homemade treats with friends and family. It’s fun and also….sharing is caring.



My Gratitude Journal

College Shopping with my daughter

I’m enjoying discussing with my daughter, the colleges that she might be attending. We visited Atlanta, Georgia to see Emory University. While there, we visited the childhood home of Martin Luther King, Jr. We had a great time restaurant hopping and checking out the sites. Of course, the main reason we were there was to take a tour of the Emory University campus with other prospective students. She didn’t choose Emory University but the experience of visiting with her and the mother daughter bonding time was awesome! What a wonderful memory.
My Gratitude Journal

Confessions of a Rage-a-holic

A Gratitude Journal…

I started this blog so that I can remind myself of the positive things in my life on those days when life gets tough. When I’m filled with dread. When I find myself listing in my head all of my favorite things and imagining myself in my happy place just so I can lift myself out of that hole. That hole filled with anger. Life shouldn’t be filled with dread and anger. It should be filled with love and hope,

This blog is a reminder of all of the blessings that I have to be grateful for. I will look at this blog and remember all the things that have made me happy.

Adventures of Sweet Monday FOREVER.

The Journal of Awesome. My source of inspiration for this blog.