McCalls 7970- A Wanna-Be Wrap Dress

I finished sewing up this McCalls 7970 dress and I am very happy with the results. McCalls 7970 is described as a loose fitting, pullover dress with an elasticized waist. View A has bodice and skirt flounces. View C and D has a multi-tiered skirt as well as a side front slit and belt. I chose View B which does not have any tiers or flounces but has very pretty sleeves and appears as a wrap dress but really isn’t. It’s a wanna be wrap dress.

I chose View B, mostly due to the amount of fabric I wanted to use which was 2 yards. It was a choice between view A or B. View A states that 1 7/8 yards is needed for my size. View B states that 2 and 1/8 yards is needed. It was a choice between View A or B and I have enough sleeveless dresses, so B it is! Luckily, for me, 2 yards was all I needed and worked perfectly for me for view B.

I chose fabric that I purchased from a little store in Downtown L.A. There you can chose any fabric for $1.99. The fabric isn’t the very best quality but good enough for me. Suggested fabrics for this pattern are crepes, cotton blends, georgette and stable knits. The fabric I used is a bubble crepe.

Besides the amount of fabric, I chose view B because of the sleeves. They look so fluttery. I also like how this dress looks like a wrap dress. The bodice crosses over and the front skirt panel has two sections sewn together making it look like a wrap dress.

I would definitely recommend this pattern since all the views are very pretty. I can see myself sewing up all views as well as hacking view D with the view B sleeves. I like the flounce of view A. I really like the tiers on View C. The tiers is a really popular look and I plan to make this view next. It’s perfect for the summer.

I was thinking the other day that I have made a lot of new dresses lately, but because of our current situation, I have nowhere to go. Which is ok. It’s actually even better because I notice that I don’t feel rushed or pressured to finish a dress. There’s no stress involved. I get to practice this craft and take my time. If I run into a mistake or a setback, it’s no big deal. I put my project aside and save it for another day with little worry or concern. I save it to tackle for later. I can feel that it’s truly the process not only the product. It’s actually quite relaxing and that’s a great feeling.

Happy Sewing!


Butterick 5955- A billowy blouse

In November, I decided to sew up another Butterick 5955 blouse. I would describe this blouse as billowy.

appearing large and soft or filled with air
  • Appearing large and soft? Check
  • or filled with air? Check Check

When I made this blouse the first time, I wasn’t very happy with the end result because it ended up looking like a hospital scrub. Maybe it was the navy cotton lawn fabric that I chose. I also felt like the pattern had a lot of ease, so I ended up chopping off a lot of fabric from the sides and top. B5955 Butterick pattern review

Butterick 5955 is described as a very loose-fitting pullover that has a V-neck top and a back yoke with slightly forward shoulder seams extending into dolman sleeves. Fabrics that are recommended for this pattern are crepe de chine, lawn, or charmeuse fabric.

I chose a plum colored medium weight fabric. I’m not too sure what type of fabric, but it’s probably more suitable for pants. Even though it was of medium weight, it still had a nice flow to it. I chose View C. The back is a rounded collar. The first one I made had a V neck back collar.

I’ve worn this blouse many times already and always with the same black leggings. It’s very roomy and comfortable. It’s a very simple and easy blouse to sew. If you like the billowy look, this blouse is perfect for your wardrobe.


Simplicity 1106- “It’s all about the back” blouse

This blouse is all about the back. Views A and B have a contrast fabric back inset. Views C and D have a cut out “peek a boo” back also with contrast fabrics for the yoke back and sleeve. There are two options for sleeves, short and elbow length.

This pattern is easy to follow. My first view to sew up for this pattern was view D. I didn’t make a contrasting yoke back and sleeve and instead used the same fabric for the whole blouse. Fabric suggestions include challis, lightweight linen types, silky types, jersey and crepe back satin (for the contrasting pieces). I chose a flowery crepe de chine for my fabric.

I also made view B using a light brown challis for the main fabric and a crepe de chine for the contrasting piece. I didn’t feel that the two together flowed well for some reason. I ended up removing the contrasting piece and trying to put another contrasting piece in. Bad idea, I should have left it alone because I couldn’t figure out how to do that without it looking terrible. I ended up putting the blouse in the time out basket to tackle again later. Sadly, I think that eventually it will end up in the wastebasket. Or at least my bag of remnants to use for another project.

Front looks good
Back not so good…

I also made a third blouse but hacked it so that there would be no cut out in the back. So all in all, I have made 3 items using this pattern with only one not surviving which is the view. I probably won’t sew up View B again. I don’t see it turning out for me. But I will probably sew up view D again and this time try a contrasting piece. That would be a great use for a remnant in my remnant bag.

I would recommend this pattern especially since there are 4 styles that you can make with one pattern. It’s a very pretty blouse that’s all about the back and it goes great with jeans.

Happy Sewing!