Farm animal cupcakes 

Farm animal cupcakes are so cute. They are perfect for a farm or barnyard themed party. Who wouldn’t want to eat one of these delicious and fun cupcakes. Not only are they cute, but they are so fun and easy to make! I made four different farm animal cupcakes: a rooster, a pig, a sheep and a cow. In this tutorial, I will discuss how to make a pig cupcake, a rooster cupcake and my favorite, a sheep cupcake.

For the pig cupcake, you will need:

-red food coloring gel
-ready made white frosting ( I used ready made frosting because it’s a thicker consistency)
-pink marshmallows
-edible eyes
-black icing
-red fruit roll up

Put a few drops of the red food coloring in your frosting, just enough to make the frosting pink. Stir it well. Frost your cupcake. Then put 2 edible eyes on the top half. Cut the pink marshmallow in half and place one of the halves in the middle of the cupcake. Cut the red fruit roll up into triangular pieces, small enough to resemble ears. Fold it a little bit in the middle, then place on the top half. Use the black icing to put two dots on the marshmallow nose.

For the rooster cupcake, you will need:

-sweetened shredded coconut
-yellow food dye
-ready made white frosting
-a gallon size storage food bag
-edible eyes
-yellow jelly beans or soft candy
-red jelly beans or soft candy

Frost your cupcake. Place your shredded coconut in the gallon size storage bag and add a few drops of yellow food coloring. Seal up the bag and shake very well. You might have to roll the bag around in your hands in order to distribute the food coloring evenly. Sprinkle the yellow coconut on top of the frosted cupcakes. Place 2 edible eyes in the middle. Cut the red jelly bean in half and place on top of the cupcake, one on top of another to resemble the rooster’s comb. You can also use a red fruit roll up and cut it up to resemble the rooster’s comb. I used the jelly bean because it was easier. Cut the yellow jelly bean in half. Take one of those jelly beans and cut it again in half, lengthwise. Place underneath the eyes to resemble a beak. If you want to make a chick, do all but omit the red jelly beans.

For my favorite, the sheep, you will need

-ready made white frosting
-mini marshmallows
-pink marshmallows
-edible eyes
-black icing

Frost your cupcake.  Cut the pink marshmallow in half and place one of the halves in the middle. Place 2 edible eyes on the top half. Cut the other half of the pink marshmallow in quarters. Use two of these quarters to resemble ears and place at the top half of the cupcake. Place mini marshmallows all around the cupcake to resemble the sheep’s wool. Make a smiley face on the big marshmallow in the middle using the black icing.

I made these cupcakes for a one year old farm themed birthday party. We placed a red gingham tablecloth on the table. I spread the leftover yellow coconut flakes on the tablecloth to resemble hay. I placed the farm animal cupcakes on top of the hay. It looked just like a farm!

Today I am grateful for celebrating birthdays with friends.


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