My Gratitude Journal

Keep it real

Sometimes we argue about the superficial things that don’t really matter. We end up “taking things out” on the ones who love us unconditionally when we should be communicating about the deeper issues that are affecting us. Perhaps we don’t know what those deeper issues are, but we won’t know until we communicate our feelings. Vent… I am sad… I am angry… Before you realize it, you will realize why and you are discussing it with the person who matters the most, the person who loves you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…


Store your family memorabilia in a DIY ticket shadow box frame

I was looking for a way to store all of my family’s memorabilia. I usually keep tickets and memorabilia in a box, in a scrapbook or in an album. I wanted something different. Something that can be displayed, but minimally. I did some research on Pinterest and saw a pin that involved a family dropping their tickets and memorabilia into a frame as the years go by. The frame had a slit at the top. I thought this was a great idea.

I wanted to make a frame without having to actually cut a slit at the top since I knew that wouldn’t end well (hint: end in blood). So I did more research and figured out that a shadow box would be the way to go. I wanted to make a shadow box that involved one smaller frame and one larger frame and bringing them together. That way no cutting for a slit would be involved. This is how I came up with the idea for a ticket shadow box frame. I found an 11×14 frame and a 10×12 frame. They fit together perfectly.

Guess how much I spent?

I spent $0. I used 2 frames that I already had in my closet. Since I’m a scrapbooker, I already had the materials to make the background.

I had to figure out how to make a slit at the top without cutting. Since the smaller picture frame had a picture hanger attached to it already, I decided to move the picture hanger up to the very top of the frame so that when I hot glue gun the two frames together, the picture hanger would create a slit big enough to drop the tickets through. It worked!

I made my background using the bigger frame ( the 11×14) as my guide.

1. Use 11×14 frame background as your guide

2. Cut 12×12 paper to fit the 11×14 background (or use 11 x14 paper)

3. Cut 2 strips to cover both ends to fully cover the 11×14 background

4. Gather your scrapbook supplies- journal boxes, stickers, etc.

5. Use scrabble tiles (or pop up stickers) for texture

6. The final page!

I did not put the glass back on this larger frame since I used the scrabble tiles. Also because I will be using the glass of the smaller frame only.

Next I applied hot glue all around the edges of the smaller frame so that I can apply that to the larger frame making sure that I keep in mind the slit for the tickets.

I was so happy that the tickets fit through the slit and that the slit was still thin enough that it wasn’t so noticeable.

It will be fun to watch this shadow box fill up with our special family memories.

I’ll always remember all these special memories made with my family…

Today I am grateful for my family and these special moments…