My Gratitude Journal

C’mon Mommy, let’s play!

This morning Josh was an Octoshark. I was the firetruck and garbage truck. Josh had fun eating the trucks. He’s a cute little 5 year old in footie pajamas.

The next day, Josh wanted to play outside in the dirt with his Hulk figure. He spent a long time planning his battle field. We made a great big mess. Great big mess=great big fun… I’m pretty sure that daddy will not be happy about us making a mess of the dirt outside, but it’s ok, we’ll clean it up before he gets home. He will never know… unless he reads this.


Today I am grateful for my son and playtimes with my son.

My Gratitude Journal

A surprise for me


Mommy under a rainbow.

Big sister Sabrina took care of Josh today while Mommy went to work. After breakfast, they played board games. Then they went swimming. After that, they drew pictures. Here is one of the pictures Josh drew. It’s mommy under a rainbow. Big sister took lots of pictures for Mommy which was nice. After picture time, Big Sister took Josh to the mall and they made a build a bear. They dressed him in a spiderman costume and Josh named him Amazing Spiderman. Big Sister bought Josh an Icee. What a special day. We ate dinner and when we came home, Josh said to Mommy ” I have a surprise for you”. Little did he know that big sister already took a picture of him drawing this picture for me, so I kind of already knew about the surprise. It was still a nice surprise because I didn’t know it was mommy under a rainbow.

Today I am grateful for big sisters.