A party for my girl: chevron boho banner


Sabrina loved the banner that I made for her boho themed birthday party.

She asked to take it back to her apartment at school so she can decorate her room. She said that she had been wanting to buy a banner similar to it, but with longer fabric strips.

To make this banner, I used:

-fabric- chevron, black and gold
-fabric glue
-small clothespins


I started by creating the main part of the banner. I cut the black fabric into a big rectangle, laid a gold strip of fabric on top and then another smaller rectangular piece of chevron fabric on top. I used fabric glue to glue it all together. To attach the banner to the twine, I used two small clothespins. They held the banner up very well. It did not fall apart once.

I cut same sized strips of the fabric. I had 18 in total: 6 chevron, 6 black and 6 gold strips.


Instead of tying the fabric onto the twine, I tied the twine onto the fabric. I laid the piece of fabric on top of the twine and vertical to it. Then, IĀ folded the fabric in half over the twine so that when I tied the twine together in a knot, it would hold the fabric in place. I did this 9 times on one side and 9 times on the other side. I made sure that the fabric pieces were tied 1 inch apart.

I used 2 additional clothespins to hang the banner. A fun project and easy to make.


A party for my girl: DIY party favor bags

Party bags are great. What guest doesn’t want a party bag? I made a party bag for Sabrina’s birthday party to match the boho chevron theme.


I cut the chevron fabric into tiny chevrons and used vellum quotes. I used fabric glue to glue the chevrons to the bag. I taped the quotes on with clear tape.

I used these bags for the candy bar I had set up. Guests could fill their bags with candy, candy, candy!


A party for my girl: mason jar planters

I made mason jar planters with a boho chevron theme for my daughter’s birthday party. I started with small mason jars. I took a little succulent and planted it in the jar with some fresh cactus soil.


I wanted the planters to match the banner. Since the main part of the banner had a black rectangle and a gold strip, I copied that concept for the mason jar planters. I cut the chevron fabric into chevrons. I used fabric glue to glue the fabric together and also to glue the fabric onto the mason jar. I kind of liked how the fabric ended up unraveling. I think it gave it a kind of shabby chic look.

Extra bonus: you can give away the planters as party favors at the end of the party.