Hi, I’m a sewing pattern addict …

I went to Joann recently to get some buttons. I didn’t get any buttons but I saw that they had McCall’s and Butterick patterns on sale for $1.99. I missed the last sale because I’m a lazy pandemic shopper, but scored today for my procrastination!

There weren’t many patterns left in the drawers because I think they’re trying to clear out the older patterns to make way for the Spring collections, but I managed to get a few that I’m really excited about. I also got to pick a free item with my purchase. I chose a cute, foxy reusable shopping bag.

I recently purchased 15 McCall’s patterns from their website in early January. They were on sale for $3.99. I didn’t mind spending that much since I didn’t know when the next Joann pattern sale would be (it happened that there was a sale the following week). Also, I’m a lazy pandemic shopper and it’s easier to click and have it delivered rather than look through the big catalog on the table and open all the drawers in hopes that my desired pattern and size is in there.

My pattern haul from the website

Now I need to buy a bigger bin for my patterns. There goes my New Year’s resolution to use up my fabric and pattern stash before buying a new stash!

Do what makes you happy ❤


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