My “Dreaming of Hawaii” Dress

I recently finished this dress. I call it my “Dreaming of Hawaii” dress since it has roses and hibiscus flowers all over it. Maybe one day I can wear it there 🌷🌺😍

Oh Hawaii…

This is Simplicity 8910. A loose pullover dress with lots of pleats in the front, back and sleeves. There is also bias binding around the collar and the pockets.

I used this pattern before back in 2019 when I got my mojo back to sew. I took a long break for over a year and this was one of my first projects back.

My 2019 make didn’t turn out. As I was cutting out the fabric for the pattern, I discovered why. I had cut a few pattern pieces the wrong size! Luckily, I discovered it before I cut out the fabric for this dress and I was able to fix the issue with a little bit of tracing paper and a ruler. I also cut out a smaller size and it fits perfectly.

Happy Sewing!


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