How to attach a sewing label without stitching

I discovered a better way to attached a sewing label to a garment. I don’t like how the stitches sometimes show up on the back of my garment when I sew in a label. Instead of sewing them in, I use double sided iron on hem adhesive.

This adhesive is used for hemming pants as a no sew method but it’s the perfect size for adhering labels! The hem adhesive for hemming pants are 3/4 inches wide and fit perfectly behind the label. I use a little bit of glue from a glue stick to adhere the hem adhesive to the label so it doesn’t move around while I iron them on. A little heat under the iron and they are adhered with no stitches needed.

Happy Sewing!


9 thoughts on “How to attach a sewing label without stitching”

  1. Good idea I have quilts I’ve put labels on w/my name, the quilter’s name, maybe who it was for, the date, city, etc. Now I hesitate to donate them with all that information. I have some early ones when I was learning to make simple quilts that I made for my husband, who passed away a year ago April.

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