Bubble Crepe Floral Wrap Dress- Butterick 6675

I recently finished making a wrap dress using Butterick 6675. I chose a bubble crepe fabric.

Butterick 6675 is described as a pattern for a wrap dress with a semi-fitted bodice and tie closures. There are two options for sleeve lengths. There are hem variations for a flared skirt or a flared skirt with an asymmetrical hem. View A has flounce at the bodice wrap. Ribbons are inserted on the inside to tie the inside part of the wrap together. This pattern is labeled as easy.

I like the ribbon on the inside to keep the inside part of the wrap in place. Instead of purchasing ribbon, I used some pink quarter inch bias tape that I had in my stash and I sewed it together into a ribbon.

I shortened the bodice by one inch. I did not cut the skirt asymmetrical. I basically made View C but with the skirt of View A. I also had to adjust the wrap so it did not gape. However, I didn’t do that great of a job, it still gapes and it’s low cut. I topstitched the neckline and bodice facings down because it kept turning up and showing even though I had under stitched them. This is possibly due to my choice of fabric.

I probably will not sew this again, but if I do, I will figure out how to adjust the pattern before cutting the fabric so that the bodice part of the wrap does not gape on me and isn’t low cut. I will also pick a different type of fabric. The bubble crepe is too thin but it has a good drape. The suggested fabrics are crepe, challis, rayon or double georgette. I would probably pick a challis if there is a next time.

Happy Sewing!


9 thoughts on “Bubble Crepe Floral Wrap Dress- Butterick 6675”

  1. It sounds like you weren’t entirely happy with this pattern. We’e all been there. I have a rather large bust and always have to worry about things being to low, gaping and etc. I have a collection of old sheets that I make a mock up of (at least of the top) to check for things like that. Many times, I add a snap at the lowest point of the overwrap to keep things in place.
    I do love that fabric, it is so nolstaglic looking-almost from the 40’s.
    Take care, Terri

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