Gingham Cropped Pants- Simplicity 8841

I’m slowly getting my sewing mojo back. I recently finished cropped pants with cargo pockets using Simplicity 8841. The fabric I used was a tropical gingham suiting that I purchased from

Simplicity 8841 is described as easy to sew, which is very true. It was very easy to put together. There are two options for the pants which are a wide or a slim leg design. There is an option for a tie belt and an option for cargo pockets. Both the wide and the slim leg pants are available in two lengths- cropped or long.

I made the slim cropped length with cargo pockets. The only modification that I made was the length for the cropped pants since I am short. The cropped pants have a cuffed leg. The pants are supposed to be slim leg but on me, they look more like wide leg pants. I think next time, I will figure out how to taper the pants at the end. It’s also possible that, although my measurements match the recommended size as well as the finished garment size, I can actually make the next size down. There’s plenty of ease. So that might also solve the issue of the wide leg.

The waist is elasticized. The casing at the waist holds a one inch elastic.

These pants are very comfortable. I plan to make another pair in the future. I would like to make the same view for the slim leg design also with the cargo pockets but in a lighter, more flowy fabric. Maybe in linen.

Happy Me Made May!


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