A party for my girl: mason jar planters

I made mason jar planters with a boho chevron theme for my daughter’s birthday party. I started with small mason jars. I took a little succulent and planted it in the jar with some fresh cactus soil.


I wanted the planters to match the banner. Since the main part of the banner had a black rectangle and a gold strip, I copied that concept for the mason jar planters. I cut the chevron fabric into chevrons. I used fabric glue to glue the fabric together and also to glue the fabric onto the mason jar. I kind of liked how the fabric ended up unraveling. I think it gave it a kind of shabby chic look.

Extra bonus: you can give away the planters as party favors at the end of the party.


Making amends by propagation

…for being a plant killer. I’m sorry I let half of you die. I was so happy. I thought I succeeded in not being a plant killer.
I watered you every 3-4 days and I gave you morning light just like your tag said but half of you died. Please let me make amends. I will give you a new vessel. This pretty teacup with a ladybug on it will do… Special.

I’ll even give you a name… Dora.

Four days later:
Oops, I lost another half of Dora. Maybe I just don’t have a green thumb. But I’m a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess. Maybe if I give Dora a makeover !


Rooting Succulents:
Pull leaf from plant making sure the whole leaf is still in tact
Dry leaf out and let end scab over
Place leaf on top of soil
Water when soil becomes dry
Within two weeks, new plants and roots should start to grow

Stay tuned…