Simplicity 8926 Review- A Squared Neck Crop Top

I bought this Simplicity 8926 pattern initially to make the dress in View A. I liked the looseness of it. I also liked the square neck and sleeves. I thought the plaid fabric was perfect for it.

I bought my fabric online at I thought I had picked a fabric similar to what the model was wearing. The fabric I purchased was a polyester/rayon blend and satin-faced challis with the colors of rose, light tan and ruby in a plaid pattern. When it arrived, I didn’t like it. I think that’s the risk of buying online. It’s very convenient but being able to actually look at and feel the fabric is important, especially if you have something specific in mind. Lesson learned. The fabric seemed too busy for a full dress. The colors were too bright. I didn’t like the “satin-face”. So instead of making the dress that was initially planned, I decided to make the top (view C).

The top comes in 2 lengths- crop and regular length. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite state that it is a crop top in the pattern. I thought it was just a shorter version. I didn’t find out it was a crop top until later when I read some reviews online. In addition, the top comes in 2 styles- with or without trim. Suggested fabrics are batiks, challis, cotton lawn, eyelet and seersucker.

The top was fairly easy to put together. The instructions were easy to follow. I would say this pattern is good for an advanced beginner. You will be doing gathers and putting a neckline facing together.

I like the top but I didn’t like the fabric that I chose. Also, it was my first time working with plaid and I realized after sewing it together that the lines ended up slanted or crooked, not straight across on the front part.

But I guess crooked is my jam

Overall, I like this pattern. I will use it again but next time, I will make the long sleeved dress (view A) as originally planned but in a solid color. I would also like to make the regular length top but without the trim (view B).

I think that the long sleeved dress is a perfect dress for the Fall and the short sleeved dress and tops are great for the Summer months. The tops even come with pants to sew up that will match with the top!

Until then, happy sewing!


Simplicity 1106- “It’s all about the back” blouse

This blouse is all about the back. Views A and B have a contrast fabric back inset. Views C and D have a cut out “peek a boo” back also with contrast fabrics for the yoke back and sleeve. There are two options for sleeves, short and elbow length.

This pattern is easy to follow. My first view to sew up for this pattern was view D. I didn’t make a contrasting yoke back and sleeve and instead used the same fabric for the whole blouse. Fabric suggestions include challis, lightweight linen types, silky types, jersey and crepe back satin (for the contrasting pieces). I chose a flowery crepe de chine for my fabric.

I also made view B using a light brown challis for the main fabric and a crepe de chine for the contrasting piece. I didn’t feel that the two together flowed well for some reason. I ended up removing the contrasting piece and trying to put another contrasting piece in. Bad idea, I should have left it alone because I couldn’t figure out how to do that without it looking terrible. I ended up putting the blouse in the time out basket to tackle again later. Sadly, I think that eventually it will end up in the wastebasket. Or at least my bag of remnants to use for another project.

Front looks good
Back not so good…

I also made a third blouse but hacked it so that there would be no cut out in the back. So all in all, I have made 3 items using this pattern with only one not surviving which is the view. I probably won’t sew up View B again. I don’t see it turning out for me. But I will probably sew up view D again and this time try a contrasting piece. That would be a great use for a remnant in my remnant bag.

I would recommend this pattern especially since there are 4 styles that you can make with one pattern. It’s a very pretty blouse that’s all about the back and it goes great with jeans.

Happy Sewing!


Simplicity 8393- Yay or nay?

I made a tunic blouse using Simplicity 8393. I used one yard of fabric, which is one winning point for this pattern (yay). Any pattern that calls for just one yard of fabric is always a win! Although I’m not too sure about the collar (nay).  I also had difficulty with the button closure, so I ended up omitting it (nay). Instead of the button closure, I sewed the top all the way up and it made the collar look very high. (nay). If you like high collars, then this blouse will work for you (yay).

I sewed view B which is the tunic version. There is also an option for a regular length blouse, view C. The blouse was easy to see together (Yay). The collar was actually really easy and fun to put together. (Yay)

I think the reason I’m not to excited about this blouse is because of the fabric I chose. I believe that it’s a polyester blend, which was easy for sewing, but I’m not too happy with the print. I bought the fabric on a whim because I visited a mom and pop fabric store, all the fabrics were $5 a yard and I didn’t want to leave empty handed. I bought one yard knowing I can use it for this pattern.

I would try this pattern again, but I will be more conscientious of the print I chose, maybe even opting for a solid color. I will also use view C for the regular length blouse. I’ll try hard to make that button closure work because it looks much better with it, as intended.

Final vote: 4 yays and 3 nays. I’ll give this blouse a try.