Valentine’s day LOVE tiles- A Fun Tutorial


These scrabble love tiles are a great DIY Valentine’s day project. It’s also a great way to upcycle those “extra” scrabble tiles. These tiles can be used for anything. You can make one as a pendant for a necklace, attach one to a scrapbook or attach one to a Valentine’s day card for a little pop!

You can use any small photo for these tiles. For my love tiles, I used some old thumbprints of photos. You know, the kind that you get from Target, Walmart or Costco when you order photos. They fit perfectly on the scrabble tiles!


For this project,  you will need:

-Scrabble tiles
-thumbprint photos
-acrylic sealer (optional)
-scissors or square paper cutter
-decorative stickers or paper
-nail file

Since the thumbprint photos didn’t completely cover the scrabble tile, I used a sticker as the base. Luckily, I had a square hole puncher that was almost the same size as the scrabble tile. I used this to punch out the sticker to fit perfectly over the tile. But if you don’t have a square hold puncher, scissors and a steady hand work just as well. I placed the sticker on the scrabble tile first. Then I used modpodge to glue the picture on top.Then I used a nail file to file the sides down since the sticker went a little over.

I made some tiles without photos. Basically, I did the same procedure minus the photo (and the modpodge for sticking the photo on the tile). When I was happy with the finished product, I brushed on modpodge over the whole tile after I had placed the sticker and/or photo on it.



I placed the tiles on wax paper for easier removal after drying. I let the tiles dry for about 20 minutes, then I sprayed acrylic sealer to give it a glossy finish. This is optional. Sometimes, the modpodge is good enough, especially if you don’t prefer a glossy finish.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Valentine’s day love tiles. I hope it inspires you to make them. Better yet, I hope it inspires you to create your own work of art or handmade treasure for your loved ones.

Today I am grateful for things handmade with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

My Gratitude Journal

You have the power to inspire

We had just returned from dropping off our daughter to college. It was nearing dinner time. Something was missing. Someone was missing. Someone wasn’t coming home…for dinner… at all… She has a new “home”now (according to her R.A.- Resident Advisor). Suddenly it hit me. Empty Nest Syndrome.

Ouch… 18 years went by too fast.

I texted her. I told her it felt weird. Funny because she texted me Friday night saying the same thing (her first night). Only we were still only 10 minutes away at that time, just staying in a hotel. Now, I guess it’s my turn to feel weird. She reassured me that everything will be okay. We can text, talk, facetime. She told me the next few weeks will be hard, but that we will get used to it. I looked at the pictures that we took on Friday and Saturday. That distracted me for a little bit. Sad again. I went on Pinterest to distract me, sad again…Time for Facebook… Started scrolling… Aha moment! Why does this always happen to me? When I am angry or need inspiration or in this case, when I’m sad and need some uplifting… There always seems to be one person’s post that “saves the day” for me. Last time, it was this:

From my friend, Heather’s post on Facebook. I happened to be scrolling that day and this popped up. No such thing as coincidence that day. It was my special message because it lifted me out of a hole. The other day, my friend Marcela had posted a link about things falling apart so that things can fall together. No such thing as coincidence that day. Again, it was my special message because it reminded me of how much stronger we are as a family even after all we have been through. Perhaps things do happen for a reason. And again today, Marcela posted this quote:

“If you concentrate on finding what is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude.” M.V.

Just when I was feeling that empty nest syndrome (even though I still have a 5 year old), I took this quote to heart. I concentrated on the good in this situation (and there is so much good in this situation. I was just feeling sad and missing her.) I focused on gratitude. Which also brings me to this:

“You may be only one person in this world, but to one person at one time, you are the world.” Anonymous

You have the power to inspire. One person at a time. You never know who that person will be, maybe someone you know, maybe a stranger, but always having good intentions, positive thoughts and a kind heart make a difference.

One person at a time.

My Gratitude Journal

My journey through happiness…

Today I am grateful for my children.

After dropping Josh off at school yesterday, I heard a  wonderful and impromptu report from his teacher. She said he’s one of her best students, listens well, falls in line and knows where everything is. After that wonderful report, I remembered this quote: “Happiness is a journey, not a destination”. I don’t want to say that my happiness is dependent on my children, but hey, it’s true that if they are happy, I am happy.

Happiness truly is a journey. I realized this yesterday. I am one of those people who thought happiness was a goal. I clearly realize now that it’s these simple pleasures and blessings that make happiness a journey, not a destination. Today I was folding my daughter’s new sheets and blankets to help her pack for her move to her college dorm room. She has done all her own laundry so far. She’s busy packing and doing all her errands before she leaves.

I noticed that she snuck something familiar in her load of new sheets and blankets. It’s her childhood blanket. Should I say something? Or just pretend that I didn’t see it.

Because this is what college girl blankets look like.

She later disclosed to me that she just had to bring her flower blankey to school with her. Ahhh, it’s the simple pleasures. It’s the journey through happiness.