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A birthday party for my girl

My daughter, Sabrina will be turning 21 on Monday. We’re throwing her a birthday party on Saturday night. I wanted to just take everyone out to dinner but she wanted a house party with her family. So I figured, why not go all out. She has no idea what it will be like so I’ve been sending her sneak peeks.

I sent her this picture today:


She loves it. So far, so good. I hope she likes the whole set up. I sent her this picture yesterday:


These decorations are DIY.  As you can see, my theme is boho, mostly chevrons and I was lucky to find that Target had that theme available. The food is ordered and the decorations are all ready to be set up.Today I made the cupcakes. I told Sabrina I would order a cake but she asked that I bake her cupcakes. I was happy to hear that she loves my cupcakes. She chose vanilla cupcakes. They turned out great!


The last time I threw Sabrina a birthday party was when she turned 18 years old.  We had all her friends over at the house. Now she is 21 and she requested this party as a family party so it’s going to be good family fun times. She will spend time with her aunts, uncles and cousins. So special. She’s off at college, so she misses them. It’s going to be a great 21st birthday party for my girl.


Today I am grateful for my 2 beautiful children. 

My Gratitude Journal

A Boho style birthday party for my girl

I love boho style. I also love the boho style party theme. It’s great for baby showers, baby girl birthdays, bridal showers, and sweet 16 parties. I’m planning a boho themed birthday party and I’ve been busy preparing for it this whole week. It’s for my daughter. She’ll be turning 21 years old. I hope she likes it. Here’s a little sneak peek:


Today I am grateful for my children and what every new year brings for them.

My Gratitude Journal

An Awesome Harvest Kind of Day

What an awesome day. Today we had a Harvest Festival where I work. We have one every year. It usually involves costume contests and food contests. This year we had a costume contest, pumpkin decorating contest and cupcake contest. Our unit, which consists of almost 45 people (three units combined) decided to do a group costume. We do a group costume almost every year now.  We love to celebrate Halloween and almost every year, we win in the contests of costume or food, or both. 

This year we won first place at the cupcake contest, first place for group costume and first place for individual costume. What a bunch of winners we are! 

I was especially happy because I was the one who won first place in the cupcake contest! I made pumpkin coconut cupcakes. I decorated each of them with a spider on top. Nothing fancy, but I guess the judges liked the combination and taste of the pumpkin and toasted coconut. 

This year, we dressed as Disney characters. I was Peter Pan and with me, I had a Captain Hook. We had a Cruella De Ville and with her, she had 3 dalmations. We had an Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and the 3 little fairies along with Maleficent. We had an Alice (in Wonderland) and the Queen of Hearts with a couple of cards. We had a Snow White and we had 7 drawfs.  We had a Beauty and her Beast .We had a Mary Poppins. We had Elsa and Olaf. And of course, we wouldn’t be complete without a Mickey!

Here we are as Disney characters!

It’s hard to get work done on a Harvest Festival day. We managed to get a little done. But, a bunch of us took a little breather in the morning and made our way down to the lunch room to take a look at the pumpkin contest. There were about 6 of us in the elevator and everybody forgot to press 1 for the first floor. We ended up going all the way up to the 5th floor by accident. The elevator door opened and a security guard was sitting at a desk looking at us. Did we surprise him! For one thing, we were all dressed up as Disney characters. And for another,  it was not even Halloween yet. The expression on his face was priceless. We were laughing so hard that I’m sure everyone could hear us as we moved down the floors in the elevator. After we were done in the lunch room, we all headed back up. I had the crazy idea to head back up to the 5th floor to shock the security guard again. This time, there were about 11 of us, which meant even more Disney characters. We made our way back to the 5th floor and this time, as the door opened, we were waving and saying hi to him. The look on his face again was priceless. We were roaring with laughter, even louder than the first time.

We had a costume parade in the afternoon. That’s when we won first prize. Yay! October and Harvest Festival time is an awesome time of the year! Always a good time with friends, making memories and sharing smiles.