Upcycled guitar “pick me” holder

For this craft, I took a lid from a jar and turned it into something purposeful- a guitar pick holder. I was planning on recycling this lid, but decided instead to upcycle it. First, I spray painted the lid black. Two coats.

To decorate my upcycled-lid-turned-guitar-pick-holder, I took a guitar pick and used pink nail polish to paint it. I also put pink glitter nail polish on top. I used the pink glitter nail polish on the side of the lid too.


I hot glued the pick in the middle of the lid. I used scrapbook stickers to spell out “pick me”… haha… punny


Now I have a place to put all my guitar picks. There’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Today I am grateful for music.


Upcycled Tin

Got Altoids? Don’t throw away that tin! Recycle it or better yet, UP-cycle it! For this project, you will need:

-gift tissue paper
-acrylic sealer

Turn your Altoids tin upside down and use it to trace an outline on the tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper accordingly.

Apply a thin layer of modpodge to the top of the Altoids tin and carefully apply the tissue paper. Be slow and careful so that you don’t make bubbles. Then, add another layer of modpdoge to the top of the tissue paper that has been adhered to the lid. Let dry.


Apply a sticker of your choice to the top of the dried modpodged tissue paper. You might have to apply a little of the modpodge to the back of the sticker so that it adheres. Then, apply another layer of modpodge on top of that.


Let dry and voila! A pretty tin to give as a gift or use as a storage box for yourself.

A fun and easy upcycle craft! 

What is upcycling? Here is a great post by Dishfunctional Designs:

What does upcycled mean? Recycling and upcycling explained by

Today I am grateful for our planet.


1st birthday banner

Here is an idea on how to use leftover scraps of material to make a cute banner. This banner was used for a 1st birthday. It was tied around the birthday boy’s highchair.


Look! How cute! My daughter did the writing.


And ooh, yummy… Look at them cupcakes…(check out the cupcakes in this post.)

Back to the subject, want to know how to make this simple and adorable birthday banner using material that you might already have in your craft box? Check out the tutorial here.

Let your creativity flow.