The little ringbearer

November was such an eventful month but because I’ve been in a rut lately, I was feeling uninspired and therefore, didn’t post much at all. Also, I stopped my self hosted blog so that made me even more uninspired to post. Well, after my trip to London and Paris, I got a surge of energy and inspiration.

So back to November.

Josh was a little (or not so little since he is 9 years old) ringbearer for my cousin’s wedding. My cousin, Apie and his wife, Rosie, got married the day before Veteran’s Day. It was a beautiful ceremony. The wedding was elegant and they went all out. Josh was excited to be a ringbearer for their wedding.

Josh looked very dapper in his tuxedo. I was a little nervous because he doesn’t like to take pictures and therefore, he doesn’t smile. He usually makes a funny face which is his normal expression in his pictures. I’m lucky if I get a picture of him with a smile. I told him that because this is wedding, an important event, it is important for him to smile while he is walking down the aisle and taking pictures. Well, I am happy to report that he had the biggest smile ever while walking down the aisle! I will never forget it. He also did a great job smiling in all his pictures. He was authentically so happy.

I love this picture!

We had a great time at my cousin’s wedding. We danced all night. They did a beautiful job. All their planning and preparation paid off. What a beautiful day and wonderful celebration. I was so happy to be a part of it and so honored that they picked Josh to be their ringbearer.

I am grateful for FAMILY…


Football boy

Josh joined the flag football team at his school this Fall. In the past, he has tried baseball and ice hockey. It seems that he really enjoys flag football. I was really happy that he tried a new sport. The boys “B” football team won 5 out of 8 games. They did great. It was fun watching their progress especially since it was most of these fourth grader boys first time playing football on a team. They even beat the older boys, the boys “A” football team,  twice! They sure enjoyed those bragging rights.

We had the sports banquet this week. Josh received his medal. It was a fun night.

Today I am grateful for football and trying new sports.

Our afternoon tea tradition

My best friend from high school, Marylisa, and I have a tradition of trying new places for afternoon tea. We have been to many places for afternoon tea together. In the San Fernando Valley, there was a place called “The Guilded Rose”. It was a purple house and inside it was like an English cottage. They served afternoon tea and that was always our place to go. Unfortunately, they closed down and that is when we started looking for other places to go for afternoon tea. The places we have tried in the past were the Huntington Library, the Four Seasons, the Chado Tea Room and the Elle C Garden Cafe in Santa Clarita.

Cute tea cup and saucer

This year we tried the Madeline Garden Bistro in Pasadena. This restaurant had a very European feel to it because of it’s decor and atmosphere. It was tres chic.  We ordered the Royal afternoon tea and it was very different than the usual tea sandwiches,  scones and dessert. This tea offered a soup or salad, a hot tier, a cold tier, scones and dessert. For my tea, I ordered Earl Grey. That was unusual for me because I usually like to order teas that I haven’t tried before and that have an unusual combination. I still enjoyed it and as usual, I added milk and sugar to my tea. Delicious.

The first course came out and it was actually the scones. We ended up saving that for later and then our soup and salad came out. I chose the tomato soup.

You say tomato, I say tomato…soup

Then the tiers came out. The first tier was the hot tier which included steak, potatoes au gratin, a hot crab salad and shrimp.

the hot tier

We started on the hot tier, of course. Then the next tier was the cold tier.

so cold

This tier included the tea sandwiches that I always look forward to. The sandwiches that were included in this tier were the salmon and butter tea sandwich and the  cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwich. There was also a caprese salad skewer and a shrimp cocktail.

Since we saved our scone for later, after our cold tier, we decided to eat our scone with the clotted cream and jam. The waiter said it was a Christmas scone so it had pieces of dried fruit in it, like a Christmas fruitcake.  It was pretty good.

The dessert tier was next. It was very elegant. It had creme brulee, a macaroon and a chocolate brownie with frosting and peppermint sprinkles on top.

I really enjoyed this experience. I liked the European decor. Our table was set nicely. We sat on elegant couches with cute fluffy pillows. On this day, there was a guitarist playing music in the background. I would definitely go here again. They also serve tapas and champagne brunch. They have very good service and are very friendly and accommodating.  Interestingly, our royal afternoon tea came with champagne but our waiter forgot to give it to us. They apologized and gave us a discount on our bill. I think it would have been fun to drink champagne with a high tea. I will try that next time.