My finished sewing projects and plans including sewing pattern reviews.

Baby clothes quilt

I have a confession. I’m a hoarder. A baby clothes hoarder. Because for 21 years I kept a bag of Sabrina’s baby clothes. For twenty one years. I lugged that garbage bag full of clothes from residence to residence. I’ve been a faithful hoarder to that bag of clothes. Now, they weren’t all of Sabrina’s baby clothes, just my favorite outfits and hats. I just couldn’t part with them. They reminded me of her special baby memories.

From the day I put those baby clothes in that garbage bag with every intention of hoarding them, my goal was to make a quilt out of them. I didn’t even know how to sew back then, let alone sew a quilt. But I figured that one day I would teach myself. I knew it would be a long time before I would teach myself how to sew. So I knew that the sentence for these bag of hoarded baby clothes would be long. Yes, they were treated fairly. They lived in a nice cool garage safely tucked inside a box. I sometimes forgot about them. Every once in a while, I remembered that I had them and reminded myself about my intention to teach myself how to sew a quilt. Well, finally, about a year and a half ago, I taught myself how to sew.

Then this happened:

I finally made Sabrina her baby clothes quilt! 21 years later. I made it and presented it to her at Christmas. She loved it! It isn’t a perfectly sewn quilt. But it’s a quilt made from clothes that I put on her when she was a little baby girl. My little baby girl. Now she is a grown woman and the proud owner of a very special quilt made by her mommy with lots of love. This quilt contains very special memories. Her special memories. My special memories of her.

Like her first baby gap outfit that I loved to death and put on her so many times. It even had little matching baby shoes. Her Minnie Mouse hat that we bought for her at Disneyland. Her first Disneyland hat. Her 1st birthday party dress that her Auntie Sherri bought for her.

What a great way to piece together and preserve all of your baby’s special memories. It was heartwarming to put this quilt together. As I worked with every article of clothing, I reminisced about Sabrina as a baby. This quilt is so special because it contains the special memories of my daughter from when she was a little baby girl.

Totally worth the hoarding.

Today I am grateful for babies and memories.

Simplicity 1693- summer tanks


I must really like this pattern because I used it 5 times! I made two tank tops using view F and two tank tops using view C. I also made a top from view F by adding cap sleeves to the tank top pattern.

So, here is a top using view F.

The back has a little keyhole. Since I’m still learning to sew, I didn’t sew in a button at the top of the keyhole. I’ll learn how to sew a button on someday. Luckily, my head was able to fit through! The fabric that I used for this tank top is a crepe de chine. I like how it drapes.

Here is a top using view C. I opted not to put in the elastic at the waist. This view requires only ONE YARD of fabric! That is awesome because I’m always looking for one yard wonders. This fabric is cotton. Not very drape-y, but I think it looks good with jeans. I originally bought this fabric to sew napkins, but I decided to try it out on this pattern instead.

So here is another tank top using view F. I should mention that this top is longer in the back, so it has a high-low look. I used cotton fabric to make this one. This fabric was also intended for sewing napkins, but I changed my mind and made a top instead.

Here is view F again, but I added cap sleeves to it. I used a challis fabric. Soft and flowy.

Here is view C. I had one yard of fabric leftover from a dress that I made. So I made another tank top.

Safe to say that I’ve had a lot of practice making tank tops this summer! Perfect for those hot summer days.
Keep cool.

McCalls’s M7120

I picked the McCall’s M7120 dress pattern for my summer sewing project collection. I picked this pattern because it is designed for beginners. It is really easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. There is no zipper since it is a pullover dress. It also teaches you how to sew darts and make a fabric belt.  This dress has a semi fitted ease. The pattern is designed for medium weight woven fabrics such as linen, chambray, cotton blends and crepe de chine.


I picked view D. View D has a high-low skirt which I am not really fond of but figured it would be a good lesson in sewing. I used a lightweight chambray. It was my first time sewing chambray fabric and I realized that it is an easy fabric to sew. I opted to not make the fabric belt. Here’s how it turned out:

I ironed the dress a couple times with steam but it still came out pretty wrinkly. I guess the fabric itself wrinkles easily.

I figure wrinkled dresses are part of my style anyway. Can’t wait to wear my new dress!