Simplicity 9101- Front Wrap Tie Belt Dress

Simplicity 9101 is a pullover dress which comes in two lengths. There is a choice between a drawstring waist or a front wrap tie belt. I made view C but instead of having the skirt a little shorter in the front, I made it all one length.

Fabric choices include chambray, challis, cotton or cotton blends, gingham, linen, and silky types.

I chose a poly crepe for my fabric. This is my second time making this dress. The first dress was a shorter length but for this dress, I opted for the mid- length.

You will need 1/2 inch wide single fold bias tape. The bias tape is used to finish the neckline. I really like the way the neckline turned out. I made sure to press after each step. I also didn’t skip the understitching. I see how much of a difference that makes. The neckline came out so smooth and clean.

This dress was a fast and easy sew. There were not too many pattern pieces to cut out. This dress has no zippers. It’s a pullover dress. It has grown on sleeves. My favorite part of this dress is the attached front wrap tie belt.


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