Simplicity 8231: Mississippi Avenue Dress in Yellow Chambray

Simplicity 8231 is a pattern in collaboration with Sew House Seven. It’s also called the Mississippi Avenue Dress. It is described as an elastic waist dress which features a V-neckline with the option of over-the-knee or midi lengths as well as a cap sleeve or sleeveless with shoulder ties.

I made the sleeveless dress with the shoulder ties. It was the perfect addition to my April sundress theme. I was planning to use a rayon type of fabric which is a little more flowy but instead decided on a chambray fabric. I’m really glad I made that decision because it turned out great! It’s a yellowish gold chambray that I purchased in 2016 from I finally found the perfect project for it. Fabric hoarders unite!

I enjoyed the construction of this dress. It came together so smoothly. I was actually in shock at how easy it was to put together.

I have so many favorite parts of this dress. I like the ties at the shoulder straps. They are so cute. I like the elastic which goes on the side and the back of the waist only. It looks so unique. I like the triangular piece in the middle. It looks so 1930s vintage style.

The only modification that I made was making the shoulder tie straps like bias tape. I sometimes don’t have the patience to push and pull the fabric through the teeny tiny shoulder tie straps. Making the ties like bias tape is much easier.

This is a beautiful sundress. I can’t stop looking at it!

Happy Spring Sewing!


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