New Look 6446- A Green Linen Sundress

New Look 6446 is a pattern for a sundress but also has options for making a culottes jumpsuit or short romper. The sundress can be made in mini or maxi length. There is an option to make a fabric tie to tie around your waist. You can wear it alone or with a tee shirt underneath. The suggested fabrics include chambray, lightweight denim and cotton types. I made mine in linen.

This was my first time learning how to line a bodice. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I like the clean look. It also aids in the construction of the bodice.

I didn’t do my usual adjustment of shortening the bodice by one inch. Instead, I shortened the straps. They are pulled up a bit extra, but I like the look.

With so much practice with invisible zippers, I was successful again with the installation. I was happy with the end result. I thank my invisible zipper foot for that. Thank you, invisible zipper foot.

What I like best about this dress are the pockets! Anytime a dress has pockets, it’s the best. The construction of putting in the pockets was interesting. Instead of two pieces sewn together to make a pocket, it was one rectangular piece of fabric that was folded in half to make the pocket.

A few things about this dress: The top part of the dress goes high up, almost to the neck. I like it but I read on a few reviews that some sewists didn’t like that. The straps are long enough so that you can adjust it towards the back and sew it in. However, I’ve seen some sewists sew the strap on each side of the front and back and then tie it at the top. I’ve also read that some sewists didn’t like the pleat in the front of the skirt area because it gave the dress an extra pouf and made their stomach area look pouchy. I personally like the pleats. There are also 2 waist darts in the front and 2 waist darts in the back.

I really like this sundress and I am very happy that I decided to make it in a linen fabric. It’s the perfect spring sundress!

Happy Spring sewing!


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