Butterick 6685 : A Spring blouse with Double Flouncy Sleeves

I made a Spring blouse for my aunt for her birthday. I used Butterick 6685 and I chose the style with the double flouncy sleeves. I knew it would be perfect for my aunt because I noticed she likes to wear loose, flowy blouses with flowy sleeves. This blouse has a double flouncy sleeve so it was perfect! Double the flounce, double the fun!

I chose a fabric that I purchased from L.A. Finch fabrics. It’s a rayon woven with ivory and peach colors. It has a very nice drape and flow to it. Perfect for the flouncy sleeves.

This pattern is described as a pullover top with a drop shoulder, neckline and sleeve variations. The bottom has side slits and a curved hem. It can be worn with or without a sash.

I did some research and read some reviews on this blouse before starting. I read that it was an easy sew. It’s also labeled as Very Easy. However, it wasn’t really for me. The reason why is because I need more practice with curved hems and because of the flouncy sleeves (two sleeves on each side), there were a lot of curved hems. It was more time consuming and labor intensive than anything else. In addition, the hem on the bottom has side slits so it is curved up on the sides. It was my first time doing a hem like that and although it was a bit difficult due to the curved hem, I’m happy I learned how to do something new.

The neckline facing came out nice and clean. Although if you don’t like facings, using a bias tape to finish the neck would work also. I noticed that the neckline came out a bit wide on the shoulder area, so it’s possible that the bra straps will show. The top has a drop shoulder. I like that look. A drop shoulder is when the sleeves fall on the top of the arm area, as opposed to a set in sleeve where the armhole seam would sit right on top of the shoulder point. You can make the drop shoulder with or without the flounce sleeves.

This blouse also can be worn with or without a sash. For my aunt, I didn’t make the sash that goes with it because I noticed most of the blouses she wears are mostly loose. I gave it to her for her birthday (with an Easter lily). She loved it. 🙂

Happy Spring sewing!


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