McCalls 7969 – A Dress with a Ruffled Sleeve

I have made 3 items using McCalls 7969. The first item was a dress with the billowy sleeves that this pattern is famous for and the second was a blouse hack. The Very Popular McCalls 7969- A Review and 2 Hacks

Here is the third item I have made. I didn’t make the billowy sleeves. Instead, I made the sleeves with the ruffles at the bottom. I made it a midi length which I really like a lot. I used a fabric that I purchased in Downtown L.A. It was a bit hard to work with because it was so slippery. It was worth it in the end because the dress is very flowy and has a very good drape. It feels so silky and comfy.

I recently posted the dress on my Instagram, @sweet_monday, for blue week and #sewhappycolor2021. I started an Instagram in December so that I can be an active part of a sewing community. Everyone is so encouraging, supportive and most of all, inspiring. It has been so fun to share finished makes and sewing tips. When I’m about to use a pattern, I always search up the hashtag for that pattern to see everyone’s version and finished make before starting. It’s very helpful.

I had to place a flower where I had a mishap with the serger. I plan to make yet another dress with the billowy sleeves using this pattern. When I do, I will add pockets!!! It’s a really great pattern. I can see myself using it over and over and over again.

Happy Sewing!


4 thoughts on “McCalls 7969 – A Dress with a Ruffled Sleeve”

  1. I love how the flower! I think an important part of sewing and knitting is how does one cover up mistakes if they happened. You did brilliantly. I haven’t been using a serger very long so haven’t had an opportunity to really mess up yet but I figure my time is coming! Thank you for following my blog. It hasn’t always been sewing-centric and I’m always trying to find new folks in the sewing community to follow.

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