Simplicity 8593- a 1940’s style poncho blouse (with no side seams!)

Those ruffles at the bottom

I recently finished making Simplicity 8593 which is a reproduction of a 1940’s pattern. I have been wanting to get my hands on this pattern for awhile now so when Joann had a Simplicity sale, I got it! The reason it interested me so much is because it’s a 1940’s poncho style blouse. On the pattern, it says that it is easy to make (true) and that the blouse lays flat for easy ironing. Sold! Although my style is usually wrinkled blouses.

I used the leftover fabric from my “Dreaming of Hawaii” dress. I had a little over a yard leftover which is the perfect amount for the blouse with the ruffles on the bottom. I love the ruffles on the bottom. It has a tropical vibe to it just like the blouse that the the model on the envelope is wearing. This blouse does not require much fabric for all of it’s views, just a little over a yard, so it’s the perfect pattern for fabric stash busting.

I should have looked at the reviews before I started on this pattern. If I did, I would have known ahead of time that there are no side seams! That explains why they say that it lays flat for easy ironing. I discovered it had no side seams as I was following the pattern instructions. So interesting.

I love how the blouse turned out. It’s so pretty, especially with the ruffles at the bottom and big bow at the back. I like how I paired it with the tropical print.

However, it does not look good on me. The length is too short (which is usual for the 1940s blouses since they are usually worn with high waisted pants or skirts) and the arm hole area gapes too much. It’s like a peek a boo blouse. For sure, I would need to wear a tank top underneath so that my bra area won’t show.

The way that the poncho blouse works is that there are ties on the sides of the back panel that you tie to the front. They aren’t seen from the outside once they are tied because then you tie the big ties together towards the back. It makes a pretty big bow.

Here’s a side view of the poncho blouse:.

So I’m going to make another one with some leftover fabric I have from another blouse. But for my next blouse, I will add side seams. We’ll see how it turns out! Hopefully good so that I can actually wear it. 🙂

Until then, Happy Sewing!


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