Eiffel Tower Bow Blouse… Five Years Later

As I was going through my time out basket which is filled with unfinished projects that needed a time out, I found this unfinished Tilly and the Buttons Exclusive Bow Blouse. It’s been sitting in there since 2016! I acquired the pattern for this blouse from a March 2016 issue of Simply Sewing Magazine. I made this blouse when I was just learning how to sew. The pattern had only the first half of the sew-a-long directions with the second half of the directions being in the next issue (which I never bought). I remember when putting this together, I just did my best for the 2nd half with the knowledge that I already had.

This blouse has a collar finished with a facing, a yoke, shoulder pleats, a center back pleat, puffed shoulders, a split hem, and a bow in the front.

I used this cute Eiffel Tower fabric from to make this blouse. When I found the blouse in my time out basket, it had one sleeve attached and I couldn’t find the other sleeve. Also, one end of the bow was longer than the other. I decided since I couldn’t find the other sleeve, I would make this a sleeveless blouse. I used bias binding to finish the armholes. I fixed the bow so that it would be the same length. I hemmed the bottom and viola, a new blouse!

Five years later…

Happy Sewing!


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