McCall’s 7892- a 40’s vibe top

I made a top recently using McCall’s 7892. This top has a little bit of a 40’s vibe to it. I like how the front wraps around and I also like the gathers at the shoulder. I love the midriff band. This top would look great with some high waisted pants or skirt. I thought I was finished with this project but I’m still trying to decide if I will add the skirt to it because, as a top, it’s really too short for my taste. If I end up not adding on the skirt to make it into a dress, I’m sure I have some high waisted pants that will go with it.

This project started off as a sort of wearable toile since I wanted to see if I would like this blouse for a recent fabric purchase that I made. I’m glad I decided to make a toile because it ends up that it’s not the right fit for my fabric purchase.

Here is the pattern. View A is the top that I made and View D is how it would look like with the skirt (and tie at the waist) attached:

As a top or as a dress, this is a great pattern. I know I will use it again because there are so many options, not just the 3 shown on the front of the envelope.

Happy Sewing!


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