New Look 6525- Black and white plaid top

I made New Look 6525 a few months ago. I was excited to give this pattern another try and this time, to make a dress for myself. I made a dress and a top for my daughter using this pattern a couple years ago. New Look 6525

I had some fabric in my stash that I bought to use with another dress pattern. I bought it a few years ago so it’s been in my stash for many years. I finally decided to use it for this dress instead. It’s a double knit fabric. I had a little difficulty making the gathers for the skirt and with this project, I learned that I could make gathers using my serger. What a game changer! I had difficulty attaching the gathers to the bottom of the skirt as directed so I ended up making the dress into a top.

Plaids don’t match but that’s ok 🙂

I actually like it as a top. It’s really comfortable. Plus I think I’m more likely to wear it as a top than as a dress.

Happy Sewing!


Another Simplicity 1693- My TNT pattern

I made another Simplicity 1693. This might be one of my TNT patterns. Tried and True. I made about 4 tank tops using this pattern in 2016. Simplicity 1693- summer tanks. I recently made a short sleeved blouse with this pattern Simplicity 1693- A fluttery sleeve blouse and now I have made a long sleeved blouse.

I used some leftover fabric that I had from making a dress recently. It is a silky type fabric that I bought from Joann’s for about $4 a yard since it was a doorbuster. It was a little difficult to sew with because it’s very slippery but I managed.

I think I like this pattern because it’s a good way to use your leftover fabric since it only calls for 1 yard for the tank tops or a little more than a yard for the sleeved blouses. I think I used about a yard and a half for this one since it has long sleeves.

I didn’t add the casing around the waist, although I wanted to, but I forgot to lengthen the bodice. I also did not follow the directions to use bias tape to hold the elastic at the end of the sleeves. I did it the good old fashioned way. But it was good to learn another way to hold elastic using bias tape. The casing around the waist also calls for using bias tape. I’ll use this technique next time.

I was happy that I was able to at least use my newly made bias tape for the collar. It even matched a little bit.

All yellow and matchy. Oops, the label stitching is a little messy…
My TNT pattern

Happy Sewing!


Simplicity 8393- A one yard wonder

I made Simplicity 8393 in 2019 but I have never worn it. Simplicity 8393- Yay or nay? First, I’m not really happy with the fabric choice. I bought the fabric from a little shop that I visited. The shop sold fabric for $5 a yard. The owner was so happy that I stopped by that I didn’t want to leave empty handed. I bought a yard of this fabric knowing that I could make this blouse. I was amazed that all I needed was one yard of 60″ fabric.

Second, I didn’t like how it originally turned out. I originally made it as a tunic. I decided to shorten it into a regular length blouse. I also had difficulty making the fastener on the front part of the collar. I ended up sewing it up the middle but the collar looked too high. I decided to open that part up instead.

Here is my blouse:

Regular length blouse with an open collar

And here is how it looked like before:

Tunic length with a closed, high collar

I plan on making this blouse again, especially since it only requires one yard of fabric. What a great way to use leftover fabric. A one yard wonder! Next time I make this blouse, I will try my hardest to make the fastener on the collar. I’m not too interested in making the pants, but I would like to make the cardigan.

Until then, Happy Sewing!