New Look 6525- Black and white plaid top

I made New Look 6525 a few months ago. I was excited to give this pattern another try and this time, to make a dress for myself. I made a dress and a top for my daughter using this pattern a couple years ago. New Look 6525

I had some fabric in my stash that I bought to use with another dress pattern. I bought it a few years ago so it’s been in my stash for many years. I finally decided to use it for this dress instead. It’s a double knit fabric. I had a little difficulty making the gathers for the skirt and with this project, I learned that I could make gathers using my serger. What a game changer! I had difficulty attaching the gathers to the bottom of the skirt as directed so I ended up making the dress into a top.

Plaids don’t match but that’s ok 🙂

I actually like it as a top. It’s really comfortable. Plus I think I’m more likely to wear it as a top than as a dress.

Happy Sewing!


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