Simplicity 8393- A one yard wonder

I made Simplicity 8393 in 2019 but I have never worn it. Simplicity 8393- Yay or nay? First, I’m not really happy with the fabric choice. I bought the fabric from a little shop that I visited. The shop sold fabric for $5 a yard. The owner was so happy that I stopped by that I didn’t want to leave empty handed. I bought a yard of this fabric knowing that I could make this blouse. I was amazed that all I needed was one yard of 60″ fabric.

Second, I didn’t like how it originally turned out. I originally made it as a tunic. I decided to shorten it into a regular length blouse. I also had difficulty making the fastener on the front part of the collar. I ended up sewing it up the middle but the collar looked too high. I decided to open that part up instead.

Here is my blouse:

Regular length blouse with an open collar

And here is how it looked like before:

Tunic length with a closed, high collar

I plan on making this blouse again, especially since it only requires one yard of fabric. What a great way to use leftover fabric. A one yard wonder! Next time I make this blouse, I will try my hardest to make the fastener on the collar. I’m not too interested in making the pants, but I would like to make the cardigan.

Until then, Happy Sewing!


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