Simplicity 9041- A Yellow, Flowery and Flowy Dress

I finished Simplicity 9041 recently and I am happy with the finished result. Though I had a few hardships with this dress, it was worth it because I love how yellow and how flowery and how flowy this dress turned out.

There are 3 views available. View A, which is a long sleeved, mid-length dress version; View B, which is a short sleeved knee length version; and View C which is a sleeveless, above the knee version. That is, of course, if you are over 5’6″ tall.

I chose View A but because I’m not 5’6″ tall (I’m short), I didn’t cut the length according to View A but rather, from View B which is a shorter length and for me, ended up as mid-length.

I chose a fabric that I bought from Joanns. It’s a silky type fabric and since it was a “doorbuster ” deal, I got it at 70% off. It only cost about $4.00 a yard. That is a deal! I bought five yards since for View A, that is the amount that is needed. But I actually only needed 4 yards.

I had difficulty with the neckline. I had lots of practice with it but no success. I completed it and since I was not happy with the way it looked, I seam ripped the whole neck facing and tried it again. I didn’t like the second try, so I seam ripped it again, cut a new facing and tried again. In total, I tried a total of 3 times. After the third time, I seam ripped the facing off (again… poor neckline) and decided to opt out of the facing and use a bias binding instead. It doesn’t look exactly as intended but I am still pleased.

The finished product!

I like the ruffled, cuffed sleeves. I also like the long waist tie. I wrap it around my back and tie it to the front.

When I showed my mom a picture of my finished dress, she asked me why do I dress old fashioned? Well… I guess it’s because old fashioned dresses are my jam.

Happy Sewing.


5 thoughts on “Simplicity 9041- A Yellow, Flowery and Flowy Dress”

  1. Glad I am not the only one struggling with the seam ripper! Not that I’m glad you needed to – but technique looks so easy on the two dimensional instructions! And your solution, does look nice! Thanks for sharing.

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