New Look 6525- A comfy at home top

My last sewing project of 2020 was sort of a wearable fail, which I guess is appropriate for the end of 2020. It’s New Look 6525 which I made into a top instead of a dress. I used a knit fabric that was a bit difficult to work with because it was so stretchy. I also only had about a yard and a half of fabric, which is why I decided to make a top rather than a dress.

This project didn’t end up as intended. I wanted to make the round neck but I had difficulty with the neck bias binding. It didn’t turn out very well. So I used what extra fabric that I had left to make the cowl neck. Because I didn’t have much left, it is shortened by an inch, but it still worked out.

I also forgot to shorten the sleeves for my arm length so I had to also re-do those as well. I had to cut off about 3 inches to make it work for my arm length. When I sewed the sleeves and sleeve cuffs back on, one of the cuffs was about 1/2 inch longer than the other.

As for my re-dos, I had a very hard time unpicking the seams apart because of the stretchy material. Also because of the stretchy material, I decided not to hem the bottom since the fabric probably won’t fray anyway.

Due to these mishaps, this is going to be an “at home” top, but a very comfy one. On a positive note, it was a very good lesson in sewing. I learned a lot making this top and that’s always a good thing.

Happy Sewing!

New Look dress

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