My Go-To Face Mask Pattern- a practical beginner’s sewing project

Many people are making their own cloth face masks and learning how to sew in the process. It’s a practical beginner’s sewing project and a great way to be of service to others by making masks to give to family and friends or to donate to places that need them such as hospitals.

I’ve made a few masks for my family. The first ones I made were in early April for my household. I had a limited amount of elastic, only enough to make three masks. I ordered some elastic and was informed that it wouldn’t arrive until July! (It ended up arriving in May).

I could only make 3 masks so I made one for my daughter, my son and myself. I made the type of masks with pleats. I had some leftover scraps of quilting cotton that were 100% cotton and tightly woven so I felt that it would be safe to use for masks. I cut 2 pieces of cloth which were 6 inches by 9 inches and made 3 pleats on the mask. I had a hard time with the pleats on the first mask that I made, especially sewing through all those layers of fabric. But as I went onto the 2nd and 3rd masks, the pleats and sewing went smoothly. The tutorial I chose to make these masks was a YouTube video by Thoughtful Creativity on “How to batch sew masks for hospitals”:

When I made face masks for my parents, my mom wanted face masks that weren’t pleated. I found a website that contained videos and written instructions on how to make a shaped face mask. What I liked best about this website is that it included a PDF pattern for the shaped face mask. The face mask is lined on the inside with fusible interfacing. It basically has 3 layers which are two pieces of fabric and interfacing in the middle. Here is the link to that website:

I made more masks for my sister, her family and also my brother using this shaped face mask pattern. For the elastic that goes around the ears, I cut 6 1/2 inches of elastic for women and 7 inches for men or bigger faces.

Happy sewing!


5 thoughts on “My Go-To Face Mask Pattern- a practical beginner’s sewing project”

  1. I made masks early on and used up my precious supply of elastic. Now it’s hard to get and somehow the quality deteriorated! I like your styles. I also found some nice tutorials and sewed pleated and others with the wire fitted top. Tried about every placement of elastic there is! And amazing how much fabric I discovered I had that I could use for masks!

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  2. These look nice. I’m doing some polka dot versions myself tonight for various people as well as Cath Kidston type florals for my mum.
    After trying various shaped patterns I’ve settled on the type that is cut on the fold as I’ve found it quicker to cut out (2 pieces rather than 4 due to being on the fold) and sew up. Not that I mind sewing masks of course but….lol.

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