Cloth Napkins- A fun beginner’s sewing project

When I first started to learn how to sew, I taught myself how to sew cloth napkins. This is a really fun and easy beginner’s sewing project. Cloth napkins are practical. You can use them over and over again. It’s also a great way to use your leftover fabric scraps.

I decided to sew two types of cloth napkins. A cloth napkin with mitered corners using one piece of fabric and a double sided cloth napkin using two pieces of fabric.

For the cloth napkin using one piece of fabric, I did research on how to sew mitered corners. Here are a couple of links with step by step instructions on how to sew a mitered corner:

For the double sided napkins, I did research on how to sew napkins using fat quarters. Here a couple of links with step by step instructions on how to make double sided cloth napkins:

For my napkins, I chose cotton fabric from as well as quilting fabric from Joanns. I tried my best to find coordinating colors and prints. Here are a few samples of the cloth napkins that I have made.

I had an Etsy Shop and managed to sell a few of these cloth napkins. I gave my napkins quirky names.

Cloth napkins are eco-conscious and earth-friendly. Perhaps you already use cloth napkins to dress up your table for dinner or tea parties. Or maybe you are interested in green living.  Either way, what a great way to conserve the earth’s resources and go green by using cloth napkins to prevent land pollution and waste.

“All the pretty roses” cloth napkins are great for everyday use. They have a shabby chic style and would be beautiful for use at a tea party.

This is a set of 6 cloth napkins. All 6 napkins are  16 x 16 inches. 100% cotton. Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low, use warm iron. 

Each cloth napkin has a sewn hem and mitered corners.

Sweet Monday

I made brand labels using thick ribbons and iron on ink transfer paper. I put one on each cloth napkin.

I don’t have my Etsy Shop anymore but I use my cloth napkins all the time. I actually prefer cloth napkins over paper napkins.

If you are looking for a fun and easy beginner’s sewing project, cloth napkins are a good choice.

Happy Sewing!


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