New Look 6621- Mission Not Accomplished

Everything looks great except the neck area 😦

I started this sewing project in November of last year. This pattern is labeled as New Look R10092 but it’s also known as New Look 6621. I used a cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman that I purchased from Rye Canyon Supply Company in Valencia.

I made view B which is a tunic top with tie sleeves. I made it without the belt. There are 3 views which are basically 3 different sleeve sizes- short, elbow length with ties and long sleeves. Suggested fabrics are cotton types, linen types, chambray, cotton lawn and seersucker. The cotton fabric that I chose was lightweight and perfect for this pattern. It even looked like the fabric in the picture for View A!

There is also an option to insert a hook and eye at the top of the blouse to close it together. I opted not to put it.

I thought the ties for the sleeves would be difficult to sew but it was easy to put together and came together well. I noticed that there was extra material at the shoulder area from the sleeve. Also when I got to the neck binding, the notches did not match. I didn’t know how to fix it so I kept it on hold in the corner of my room until April which was the next time that I decided to sew again. Of course, it was to make masks but making the masks inspired me to sew again.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to fix the neck binding and shoulder issue. I cut the extra fabric at the shoulder to try to make it even, but attaching the neck binding to it did not work out at all. I didn’t have enough neck binding and everything was uneven. I ended up not sewing the neck binding the correct way with the hope that it would work out. It didn’t, so this was a fail. It’s too bad because I really liked this fabric. If I had researched instead of going rogue, I would have made another neck binding but longer and then possibly use the extra binding as ties at the end. When I had researched, I discovered that there were a couple other people that had the same issue with the neck binding and extra material as well.

Another lesson learned that will be applied when I try this pattern again. Other than that, this tunic was very comfortable to wear. I wore it even though the neck area and shoulder looked a little funny. If it’s not too noticeable to others, then maybe this wasn’t that bad of a fail after all?

Happy Friday Sewing!


Simplicity 1355- An easy, breezy summer romper

I made this Simplicity 1355 romper last summer and I didn’t actually wear it until this summer. When I made it, it was with the intention to wear it at a housewarming party. I didn’t feel too confident about the way it looked, so I didn’t wear it. I finally wore it for the first time recently. Of course, nobody saw me in it, except for my son. What can I say, it’s 2020.

This pattern is a popular pattern. It is labeled as easy to sew and I will agree that it is. The instructions are very easy to follow. Sewing the top part together was actually really fun to do. I liked how easily it came together.

There are 4 views. These include two options for the top which is a V-neck with a low crossover back or a scoop neck with a sliding tie. There are 3 options for the bottom- a maxi dress, shorts or pants. I made view A but instead of pants, I made shorts. I used a crepe de chine fabric that I bought from a few years ago.

This isn’t the first time I made a romper using this pattern. I had made view D back in 2017, which is the scoop neck with tie and shorts. I liked the way it turned out and it’s very comfortable to wear. Simplicity 1355: A short story of a short jumper

For my 2019 make, there were a few changes that I made. The armholes were too big, so I had to take them in by about 5/8 of an inch on both sides. I also shorten the shoulder straps by an inch and a half.

The cross over back is a bit deep so you will need to wear a racer back bra or a tank top to hide your bra strap.

Overall, this is a great pattern for a beginner or an advanced beginner. I’m working on my third romper. This time I’m keeping all the changes I made in mind, such as making the armholes smaller and the shoulder straps shorter. I’m also shortening the shorts a bit. I’ll post the finish product as soon as it’s finished.

Until then, happy sewing!


New Look 6575- A Summer Tunic

New Look 6575 is a pattern for a tunic blouse. It can also be sewn into a dress if you lengthen the bottom. I like this pattern because of the flowy, loose fit. It’s perfect for summer.

My favorite part of this tunic is the kimono sleeves. There are two options for the kimono sleeves. View A has a wide, round kimono sleeve option and view B has a straight kimono sleeve option. There is also an option for a cap sleeve which is view C.

If you want to add trim to the V neck and cording for the drawstring, there is an option to do that with view B.

I made 2 tunics with this pattern, both using view B. I did not make the drawstring for both tunics and instead used elastic all the way through for the bodice.

This pattern requires you to cut four front neckband sections and two back neckband sections. Two of the front bands and one of the back bands make one neck band. You will end up with two neckbands. One of the neckbands is interfaced and stitched to the outside of the tunic. The other neckband is used as a facing and faces the inside of the tunic. It was my first time sewing a neckband in this way, so it was a good learning experience.

The one thing that I do not like about this tunic is how low the V neck goes down. It is a very deep low cut V neck.

I decided to make another tunic bringing up the V neck a little higher. I wasn’t very successful at it and although it’s not as deep of a low V neck as the first one, it’s still low.

Suggested fabrics for this tunic are challis, chambray, cotton lawn, double georgette, gauze, soft lightweight linen types and silky types. I used a rayon challis and a rayon silky type of fabric for both tunics.

I like the style of this tunic, if only it wasn’t such a deep V neck. If anything, I can wear it with a tank top underneath or as a beach cover up. Will I make a third tunic using this pattern? Probably not. Unless I can figure out how to raise the V neck.

On the pattern envelope, the model wore this tunic with a pair of leggings (or skinny jeans). But if you lengthen the bottom, it can be made into a dress. In my case, due to my short height, I can wear this as a short dress on it’s own.

Happy Sunday sewing!