New Look 6621- Mission Not Accomplished

Everything looks great except the neck area 😦

I started this sewing project in November of last year. This pattern is labeled as New Look R10092 but it’s also known as New Look 6621. I used a cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman that I purchased from Rye Canyon Supply Company in Valencia.

I made view B which is a tunic top with tie sleeves. I made it without the belt. There are 3 views which are basically 3 different sleeve sizes- short, elbow length with ties and long sleeves. Suggested fabrics are cotton types, linen types, chambray, cotton lawn and seersucker. The cotton fabric that I chose was lightweight and perfect for this pattern. It even looked like the fabric in the picture for View A!

There is also an option to insert a hook and eye at the top of the blouse to close it together. I opted not to put it.

I thought the ties for the sleeves would be difficult to sew but it was easy to put together and came together well. I noticed that there was extra material at the shoulder area from the sleeve. Also when I got to the neck binding, the notches did not match. I didn’t know how to fix it so I kept it on hold in the corner of my room until April which was the next time that I decided to sew again. Of course, it was to make masks but making the masks inspired me to sew again.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to fix the neck binding and shoulder issue. I cut the extra fabric at the shoulder to try to make it even, but attaching the neck binding to it did not work out at all. I didn’t have enough neck binding and everything was uneven. I ended up not sewing the neck binding the correct way with the hope that it would work out. It didn’t, so this was a fail. It’s too bad because I really liked this fabric. If I had researched instead of going rogue, I would have made another neck binding but longer and then possibly use the extra binding as ties at the end. When I had researched, I discovered that there were a couple other people that had the same issue with the neck binding and extra material as well.

Another lesson learned that will be applied when I try this pattern again. Other than that, this tunic was very comfortable to wear. I wore it even though the neck area and shoulder looked a little funny. If it’s not too noticeable to others, then maybe this wasn’t that bad of a fail after all?

Happy Friday Sewing!


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