New Look 6575- A Summer Tunic

New Look 6575 is a pattern for a tunic blouse. It can also be sewn into a dress if you lengthen the bottom. I like this pattern because of the flowy, loose fit. It’s perfect for summer.

My favorite part of this tunic is the kimono sleeves. There are two options for the kimono sleeves. View A has a wide, round kimono sleeve option and view B has a straight kimono sleeve option. There is also an option for a cap sleeve which is view C.

If you want to add trim to the V neck and cording for the drawstring, there is an option to do that with view B.

I made 2 tunics with this pattern, both using view B. I did not make the drawstring for both tunics and instead used elastic all the way through for the bodice.

This pattern requires you to cut four front neckband sections and two back neckband sections. Two of the front bands and one of the back bands make one neck band. You will end up with two neckbands. One of the neckbands is interfaced and stitched to the outside of the tunic. The other neckband is used as a facing and faces the inside of the tunic. It was my first time sewing a neckband in this way, so it was a good learning experience.

The one thing that I do not like about this tunic is how low the V neck goes down. It is a very deep low cut V neck.

I decided to make another tunic bringing up the V neck a little higher. I wasn’t very successful at it and although it’s not as deep of a low V neck as the first one, it’s still low.

Suggested fabrics for this tunic are challis, chambray, cotton lawn, double georgette, gauze, soft lightweight linen types and silky types. I used a rayon challis and a rayon silky type of fabric for both tunics.

I like the style of this tunic, if only it wasn’t such a deep V neck. If anything, I can wear it with a tank top underneath or as a beach cover up. Will I make a third tunic using this pattern? Probably not. Unless I can figure out how to raise the V neck.

On the pattern envelope, the model wore this tunic with a pair of leggings (or skinny jeans). But if you lengthen the bottom, it can be made into a dress. In my case, due to my short height, I can wear this as a short dress on it’s own.

Happy Sunday sewing!


2 thoughts on “New Look 6575- A Summer Tunic”

  1. Hey Suzanne! Thank you so much for this post. It gave me the confidence to go ahead and try out this pattern that I’ve had in my stash for a while. Do you remember how you tried to raise the neckline of the second tunic? I’m making this as a present for my mom and I’m scared she’ll hate how low it goes but I’m in love with the look of the kimono sleeves. Thanks 🙂

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    1. Hi Arti, I like the kimono sleeves also and yes, the neckline is very low. I had to YouTube and google tutorials on how to raise a neckline. Here’s one I used:
      The only issue I ran into is the neckline facing. So if you alter the pattern to raise the neckline, you will also have to alter the neckline facing. I’m not very good at pattern drafting, so I wasn’t very successful. The altered neckline was still low, but not as low. Hope that helps!


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