The little ringbearer

November was such an eventful month but because I’ve been in a rut lately, I was feeling uninspired and therefore, didn’t post much at all. Also, I stopped my self hosted blog so that made me even more uninspired to post. Well, after my trip to London and Paris, I got a surge of energy and inspiration.

So back to November.

Josh was a little (or not so little since he is 9 years old) ringbearer for my cousin’s wedding. My cousin, Apie and his wife, Rosie, got married the day before Veteran’s Day. It was a beautiful ceremony. The wedding was elegant and they went all out. Josh was excited to be a ringbearer for their wedding.

Josh looked very dapper in his tuxedo. I was a little nervous because he doesn’t like to take pictures and therefore, he doesn’t smile. He usually makes a funny face which is his normal expression in his pictures. I’m lucky if I get a picture of him with a smile. I told him that because this is wedding, an important event, it is important for him to smile while he is walking down the aisle and taking pictures. Well, I am happy to report that he had the biggest smile ever while walking down the aisle! I will never forget it. He also did a great job smiling in all his pictures. He was authentically so happy.

I love this picture!

We had a great time at my cousin’s wedding. We danced all night. They did a beautiful job. All their planning and preparation paid off. What a beautiful day and wonderful celebration. I was so happy to be a part of it and so honored that they picked Josh to be their ringbearer.

I am grateful for FAMILY…

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