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Sunday Feels: A Goodbye present from my daughter

I have good news and bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first. My daughter, Sabrina is leaving for London in 11 days. Ouch.

Now the good news. She’s leaving for London because she will be working on her Master’s Degree at King’s College. What a wonderful opportunity. We are so happy and proud of her for having the courage and determination to follow her dreams. And in London of all places.

We spent a couple of days this week doing some family fun time activities so that we can spend some quality time together before she leaves for London. We had afternoon tea on Monday and on Tuesday, we went to Universal Studios.

Sabrina has been asking me all week to open her goodbye present that she made for me. I had been putting it off because opening the goodbye present would make it all too real that she is leaving for London. I finally said yes and opened her gift. She had decoupaged a box and filled it with thoughtful and heartfelt goodies inside. In it, was a book called “Why you’re so awesome”. I loved flipping through the pages and reading all the things she wrote. She also filled it with pieces of paper but instructed me not to open them until she leaves. She said I can open one each time I miss her (which will be pretty much everyday).

So really, this isn’t bad news. I mean, yes, I will miss her. Yes, she will be 5,437 miles away (ouch). But that’s about it for the bad news. It’s really all good news.

So here’s to Sunday feels. On this thoughtful Sunday, I am thankful for good news and bad news, goodbye presents, handmade decoupaged boxes filled with love notes, a book made just for me, King’s College, Christmas breaks, trips to London, following your dreams, courage and determination but most of all, I am thankful for my daughter. She is my everything.

11 days and counting.

Sweet Monday



4 thoughts on “Sunday Feels: A Goodbye present from my daughter”

  1. This is just the sweetest post! Sorry to hear your daughter is moving so far but I wish her the best of luck in London. What a thoughtful present, you must be very proud.

    Best wishes,

    Stacie x

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