Easy DIY gift ideas

Money Flower Vase: This money flower vase is an easy gift to make. All you need is a vase, some fake flowers, thin ribbon and dollar bills (The bigger the bill, the better!). Fold the bill accordian style vertically. Tie the ribbon in the middle of the folded bill. Then tie the bill onto a flower stem. Tie and arrange several bills all around. Make it rain!

Toe-tally Awesome Friend or Teacher: Here’s another easy gift you can make. Place about 3 to 4 nailpolishes in a clear plastic gift bag. You can also add a nailfile and other pedicure tools. Tie a ribbon on top. Put a printable on top. This one says “Thank you for being a toe-tally awesome teacher”. I got mine at eighteen25.com (click here to go to the printable). You can also make your own that says “You’re toe-tally awesome” if you’re making one for a friend, not a teacher. Getting new nailpolishes is totally awesome!

Mason jar succulent planters: This gift is super easy to make. Succulents make a great gift because they are easy to maintain. Since I am a self proclaimed plant killer (not proud of it), I speak from experience. Succulents take longer for me to kill, so that says alot about how easy they are to maintain. For this easy DIY gift, all you need is a mason jar (or any cute little container, even a teacup will do the trick), cactus soil and a little succulent plant. Tie a ribbon and gift tag around the jar.

Decoupaged Altoids Tin: Upcycle your Altoids Tin. All you need is an Altoids Tin, sticker(s), tissue paper, and modpodge. Find the tutorial here.

Homemade Baked Good(s): This one is banana bread that I made for a friend. I wrapped it in cellophane and tied a thick pretty ribbon around it.

I hope you enjoyed these easy DIY gift ideas.

Today I am grateful for gifts and giving. 


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