Have you tried rolled ice cream?

Last year, my daughter went to Thailand and she tried rolled ice cream for the first time. I watched a video of it being made for her and I found it fascinating.

It’s the latest hype so of course, I was excited to try it at “Rolled Ice Cream” located in Las Vegas. Their Instagram account is @rolledicecreamlv. Head over to their Insta if you would like to see some of their creations.

Rolled ice cream is made by mashing all the ingredients with cream on a -32 degree pan. Once you pour the cream on the pan, it freezes instantly. It is then smoothed flat and then rolled.

It looks like a lot of work to make but it’s really fun to watch. There is a long line so expect a 30 to 45 minute wait. It’s a combination of a lot of people waiting in line and the long process of mixing and mashing the ingredients of the requested creation (i.e. candy bars, fruit, nutella) and then pouring, mixing and freezing the cream over it, flattening the cream out and rolling it.

The good thing is that even though the wait is long, you don’t really notice it because you get to watch ice cream being made for other customers. It really is an art and very entertaining to watch.

I ordered the Kit Kat which is simply Kit Kat, house cream and whipped cream. My daughter ordered Banana Nutella Oreo and my son ordered Strawberry Fields.

Here is a picture of my Kit Kat rolled ice cream:

Rolled Ice Cream

It was delicious.

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