Instagram scrapbook

Here’s a great scrapbook idea. Make a scrapbook using your Instagram photos!

I love Instagram photos because they have that square shape that, to me, looks very crisp and appealing. I finished my Instagram scrapbook in just a couple of days. It was fast and easy because I used only stickers and washi tape throughout the whole book. It’s not perfect and I know I could have been more creative, but my goal was to get it done. I was finished in no time with this simple procedure and I was quite happy with the results. Now that I think about it, despite this fast and simple procedure, I was still able to get creative with what I had to work with. The washi tape brightened up the white background of the scrapbook page and the stickers added nice accents throughout the page.

I printed my Instagram photos from 2013, 2014 and 2015 using I used because they have square sized prints which is perfect for Instagram photos.

I referred back to my Instagram feed to put the photos in chronological order. I also journaled in my scrapbook to give it that nice personalized touch. What I wrote in my scrapbook under each photo was the same thing that I wrote on my Instagram for each photo (minus the #hashtags).

Easy, simple, done.

Happy scrapbooking.

Today I am grateful for wonderful memories.

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