Homemade Body Recipes

Try these natural healing scents of essential oils

A great natural remedy for any ailment are the healing scents of essential oils. You can use these scents to help feel more alert or to sleep better. Here are 5 healing scents that you can use today:

1. The scent of peppermint essential oil can help you feel more alert or have more energy. Here are 25 peppermint oil uses by Dr. Axe. Top 25 peppermint oil uses and benefits by draxe.com.

2. The scent of lavender helps you sleep better and relax. Here are 13 uses for lavender oil by Mind Body Green. 13 uses for Lavender Oil by mindbodygreen.com

3. Ginger helps ease and reduce nausea. You can also drink it! Here’s a recipe by About.com on how to make homemade ginger tea.

4. Grapefruit helps curb your appetite. Inhaling grapefruit oil inhibits a key gastric nerve. This can help reduce hunger pangs.

5. Sniffing Eucalyptus oil can help diminish nasal congestion.

Enjoy your healing scents.

Today I am grateful for health and healing.

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