DIY Valentine’s day gift ideas

Valentine’s day is coming up in 4 more days! If you are anything like me, a last minute gift giver (not proud of it…) then you are probably in need of some quick Valentine’s day gift ideas. Lucky for you (and me), I found a few! Here are some DIY ideas for Valentine’s day:

Make some popcorn! (recipe by This recipe is really so simple. It looks delicious and makes a pretty treat to give on Valentines Day. All you need is popped popcorn, salt, white chocolate, sprinkles and conversation hearts! Click here to go to for the recipe!


Got beer? This is a great gift idea for the beer drinker in your life on Valentine’s day. Get a 12 pack box of Blue Moon beer, write on cards so that most of the box is covered except for the  word “moon”, so that it reads: ” I love you to the moon and back”.

I love you to the moon and back gift ideaHow about a Valentine’s day breakfast? Head over to Martha Stewart’s blog and read How to make a heart shaped eggs and toast by Making a Valentine’s day breakfast like this is easy and would make a great start to a Valentine day!

Make a plant holder using a jar or small pot, a little paint or decoupage and some love stickers. Put your favorite plant in it and give it to your valentine.



Make some Valentine’s day cupcakes and top it with frosting and a conversation heart:


I hope you enjoyed these DIY ideas for Valentine’s day!

Today I am grateful for love and for loving


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