Chinese New Year kid’s DIY paper lantern

During the Chinese New Year festivals, lanterns are hung in celebration. Red lanterns in particular are hung. Red is the main color of the festival as it is believed to be an auspicious color.

Here are the materials you will need to make a Chinese New Year paper lantern with your child:

12 x 12 gold or red scrapbook paper
gold or decorative red washi tape

-Cut a 1 inch wide strip of construction paper for the handle.

-Fold the remaining paper in half.

-At the folded edge, cut slits about one inch apart. Make sure that you stop about one inch from the other side of the paper.

-Apply washi tape along the top and bottom edge of the scrapbook paper.

-Unfold the paper and roll it into a tube to form a lantern and then overlap the edges about one inch and staple the bottom corners together.

-Attach the handle to the top with staples.

You can make many red and gold lanterns and use string to hang them to decorate for the Chinese New Year. Wishing you good fortune in this new year.

Today I am grateful for new years and new beginnings.


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