Halloween scrapbook

Ah, Halloween… it’s like the best holiday ever! You get to dress up like a superhero or monster, eat lots of candy and have a parade with your friends. And your kids do too! I love Halloween so much that I have made a scrapbook of every year of Halloween. The scrapbooks are mainly centered on my children and showcases their halloween costume. The pages of the scrapbook show progressing years. Each page is dedicated to pictures of the halloween festivities and costumes for that year.

Here are some examples:

My daughter Sabrina in 2003 at the Pumpkin Patch and in her costume as a 50’s girl.


and my son, Josh as a Spiderman in 2010:


Some years involved fun things we did with others as a group, such as Halloween at work as well as what the kids wore for halloween that year.

Here’s 2006. The kids getting ready to go out trick or treating . Also pictured, my friends and I posing for a picture at work. 


and 2008: My friends and I are “the Village People” zombie style at work. And again, the kids as they head out to go trick or treating. 


 And 2011: My friends and I dressed as “Phantom of the Opera” characters. Also pictured, my daughter Sabrina as a tourist.


In 2010, we had a Halloween party. It was fun!:


I made a whole halloween album based on this party:


Here’s the album cover. Can you believe this album only took one day to make? It was really fast and simple. Basically I used only one pack of Halloween die-cuts throughout the book. I used the same color scheme for the layouts- orange, brown and yellow. Keeping the same theme throughout the book makes it a simple project to do.




Halloween is such a fun holiday.  Making a Halloween scrapbook is such a great way to remember every fun year.

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