It’s a Sweet Monday: Hello October!

October. It’s my favorite month. Why? Because it is officially Fall. I love the colors of Fall. October is my favorite color. I love the reds, the oranges, the browns and all of the warmth of the colors. I love watching the leaves fall off the trees and the sound of the crunch when you step on them. I love the decorations that go up- the pumpkins, the autumn leaves and the scarecrows.  I love sweater weather. O.k., it’s still hot in L.A. , but sweater weather is fast approaching.  I love October because it’s the start of all of the fun holidays, especially Halloween. Most importantly, I love October because it’s my birthday month and Libras rule.

Pumpkin everything! It’s October, it’s Fall, so it’s pumpkin time! As we speak, I’m eating my pumpkin pecan oatmeal for breakfast. Over the weekend, I sampled some pumpkin brulee tea. I’m definitely planning to make pumpkin bars this month, possibly in the form of a cupcake. Also, we will visit the pumpkin patch near our home. I will be all pumpkin-ed out this  month and I am looking forward to it.

A window view. The best part of my October is that we moved offices at work last week. Based on seniority, we were able to pick the cubicle that we want to sit in. I was fortunate enough to be high enough on the seniority list (11 years at the agency) that I was able to pick out a cubicle with a window view! What a treat! It’s nice to be able to look out and see the trees, the sun, and the sky. I even have a view of a water fountain. It’s also really fun to people watch.

Wishing you a Sweet Monday and a happy October.

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