My Gratitude Journal

Back to school traditions

It’s back to school time! Here in L.A., many schools have already started or start today! Woo-hoo! High-5 to the moms and dads!

For me, I have one more week with my little kiddo  (and big kiddo), so we’re getting our last activities of the summer in. I have this week off from work and it’s jam packed with activities with the kids. My little kiddo had a great summer of camp, summer enrichment, and time at home with his big sister. Now, he’s super excited to have time off with his mom this week. We have one good week of fun and then it’s back to school for him and back to work for me.

Our back to school traditions include the usual. Shopping for school clothes (or in our case,  uniforms), school shoes, backpack and school supplies. He already picked out his backpack and we finished the school uniform shopping. And of course, there is the finishing of the summer “getting ready for 3rd grade” homework. This summer it was a math packet and a book report. We are almost finished with that too.

Our back to school tradition also is a picture the morning school starts with his fresh clean uniform and making cookies when he gets home from school.

His big sister had the same tradition of a picture the morning school started and a treat of her choice after school. In addition, because I used to work on scrapbooks back then (she has many), I would also interview her with questions about school. Her favorite subject, the names of her friends, her hobbies, etc.

I’m sure everyone family has their back to school traditions. What are yours?

Here are some great ideas if you’re looking to add something new or start your back to school traditions with your children:

*A “night before back to school” dinner. Take your kids to their favorite restaurant to celebrate school starting. Even better, make a back to school pizza together. Just buy ready made pizza dough  (we use Pillsbury), pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. It’s so easy, they can do all the work and you can just watch in amazement as your child makes you dinner 😉

*Send them off to their first day of school with a full and satisfied tummy and heart. Make his/her favorite breakfast. Decorate the table with confetti, balloons and a back to school I love you note.

*a back to school craft. Make something fun with your kiddo like slime (it only has three ingredients, glue, water and borax).

* Make a back to school goodie bag and surprise your kiddo with back to school goodies like a fun new book, cool pencils and erasers, a keychain to decorate his/her new backpack or anything exciting that you can find at the dollar section 😉

*Make a great first lunch and tuck a little note of encouragement and love in it.

*A back to school after school treat like his/her favorite drink.

Hope your back to school day is awesome! Enjoy your back to school traditions.

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