940 Saturdays and the Empty Nest Syndrome 

Enjoy the little things in life for someday you will realize they were the big things

There are 940 Saturdays from the day your child is born to the time he/she turns 18 as Dr. Harley Rotbart has reminded parents in his book “No Regrets Parenting”.

940 Saturdays. And trust me, it goes fast. 940 Saturdays and then they turn 18 and leave for college. It reminds me of when I wrote this 3 years ago:

Empty Nest Syndrome.

This is what it feels like. Like something is missing.

You wake up and the first thing you want to do is go to her room and check on her, but then you remember that she is not there… you look in there anyway and there is a made up bed…

She calls you in the morning. You are so happy to hear from her! She tells you how things are going. She says that a lot of the kids on her floor are homesick and really miss their moms and dads. They are even crying and don’t want to go out. Your heart breaks. You ask her- how about her? Is she okay? She says she knows she has to be there and doesn’t get to go home until November so she is “living in the present ” and trying not to think about it.

You go about your day and it’s 3:00. You’re about to give her a call or text her but then you realize, she’s not in high school anymore, she’s in college… She’s not on her way home from school. She’s on her college campus or in her college dorm room. You check her class schedule on your phone because she text it to you. Oh, she’s in Spanish class. You read her old texts, because you miss her. You look at your camera roll, because you miss her. You text her again, because you miss her. She texts you back right away… She misses you too…You feel like a Stalker Mom…

You’re home now, it’s dinner time. You’re about to call her from her room to ask her what she wants for dinner, but then you remember she’s not there. She’s not home. She’s not coming home for dinner. Not until November. You wonder what she is eating from the campus and how her meal card is working for her.

You get a text from her… hi… what are you doing? The texting madness begins. It’s almost time for bed… The phone rings, it’s her. Goodnight… I love you. So this is Empty Nest Syndrome, 2013 style.

Sabrina 21 years old

She’s 21 now. 940 Saturdays. And I have no regrets.

Sabrina 4 years old

Sabrina, every Saturday that I have spent with you has filled my heart with happiness, love and joy. Every day I thank God for you. I love you.

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