My Gratitude Journal

Adventures of Shark boy

I started my blog back in 2013 and back then, it was more of a mommy blog. A gratitude blog. Stories about my children and their milestones. I love reading those old posts because they remind me of such great memories with my kids and their wonderful milestones. So I would like to share some of my old posts and mix it up by adding updates. Kind of like- a blast from the past back to the future. So here we go.

It’s sharkweek. Well, actually I think it’s more like shark summer, because every summer since josh was 5 years old, we enjoy watching shark documentaries, visiting the sharks at the aquarium and of course, buying new shark toys. Hungry Sharks, Hungry Sharks World, Jaws, shark week on discovery channel, Sharknado. Total shark overload.

Here is a re-post of the beginning of the total shark overload for my son.


Joshua has been very interested in sharks lately. Here he is swimming in the pool with his shark mask pretending to be a shark.


I think these interests make great teachable moments. For instance, in the area of arts and crafts. Crafts can be geared towards your child’s interest and make great learning experiences.  Joshua made a shark puppet. He was so motivated to make it by himself and cutting those shark teeth were pretty challenging for a 5 year old. Josh made the shark puppet all by himself. He cut the papers and glued them to the paper bag.

His interest in sharks is pretty much what prompted our visit to the aquarium. His main goal was to pet the sharks. It was a very educational day and of course, petting the sharks  was the favorite part of his day.

A of Pacific (30)

His imaginative play has also been geared towards sharks

Maybe he’ll grow up to be a marine biologist. Enjoying every single 5 year old moment,

Sweet Monday

Aww… I love it! Now here’s my update. 3 years later, at age 8, Josh is still loving the sharks. He had his 8 year old birthday at Legoland with his mommy and daddy. While there, we visited the Legoland sea life aquarium.  This is a great place for sea wildlife education.

Josh is such a shark aficionado that I just asked him what shark that is in the picture and he named it right away, saying it as if it’s common sense, everyone should know that. Here’s Josh with his newest shark toys. He was specifically looking for a submarine/shark set and low and behold, we found one.

And of course, visits to the beach make him feel closer to the sharks.

It’s a sharky sharky life for this 8 year old boy.

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